Naturism is a lifestyle, an experience of nature in a personal way; sun, wind and water on the naked body. To experience this is a liberating escape from everyday life. In Costa Natura ‘light’ naturism is cultivated – no strict, unyielding rules of nakedness, no dietary, drink or smoking regulations as was customary some decades ago in stricter naturist circles.

The general rules governing social inclusiveness apply here also – private remains private, something which goes without saying. Remember: We are a naturist resort for families. Just a few rules apply: in the swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi you are expected to be naked. Costa Natura also follows the unwritten naturist conventions of using towels when sitting on public chairs and of course no photography without the expressed permission of those in the frame.

Some guests have been familiar with naturism from an early age whilst others have discovered it or have been introduced to it later on in life. The arguments in favour are often of a practical nature, like the pleasure of being free of wet and cold bathing costumes, or continuously having to change into and out of dry clothes, or the aesthetic feeling of a full tan.

Above all, one enjoys a liberating natural vitality. Those who discover naturism usually remain naturist.For this reason, Costa Natura is a sought-after beach holiday destination. Many people arrive with little luggage, some with just a towel, flip-flops and sun hat while others bring just light clothing for city visits and tours.

Some come complete with golf clubs to play some of the many excellent local golf courses that give the ‘Costa del Sol’ the nickname of ‘Costa del Golf!